SCHOOL FRIENDS HENRY & IAN ARE the latest social media stars taking the cooking world by storm, with BOSH! 

Having grown up in Sheffield together and becoming best friends at secondary school, Henry & Ian live and work together at their BOSH! studio in East London creating delicious recipes that are shared across the globe.

BOSH! posted their first recipe online on June 17th 2016 and in one year have generated a following of 1.2 million Facebook fans and reach over 50million people a month. Unlike most social media stars, Henry and Ian only revealed their faces after reaching 1 millions fans.

BOSH! consider themselves to be 'food remixers' taking classic dishes and recreating them using nothing but plants. Yes... PLANTS! With recipes including 'The World's First Pasta Burger', 'The Falafel Onion Ring' and the incredibly decadent 'CamemBOSH!', it's easy to see why they have grown such a massive fan base so quickly. 

Signed to James Grant management, a competitive bidding war between publishers resulted in BOSH! signing their first book deal with Harper Collins for release in Spring 2018.

With delicious recipes and a relaxed approach, BOSH! bring their friendship into the kitchen to help surprise and amaze people with just how great plant based food is.