NHS mental health expert owen o’Kane is the author of new book Ten to Zen: Ten minutes a day to a calmer, happier you. 

Using his career in the NHS as a clinical lead for a mental health service in London, Owen has created a quick, simple, mental workout that allows us all to focus on what’s important – our mental wellbeing.

Growing up in Northern Ireland in ‘The Troubles’ was the perfect training ground for understanding the anxious mind due to the conflict and fear that existed in the region.

In part of the UK where gay marriage still isn’t legal, Owen found it hard accepting his own sexuality. Taking himself to Lourdes, a place of pilgrimage to be ‘cured’ of illnesses, Owen was dipped into the springs, held by two muscly French men in swimming trunks. As he was bought out of the water, he looked up at their naked torsos and thought, “Yep, I’m not cured”.

As a former palliative care nurse, Owen heard first-hand the biggest regrets people have on their death beds and as a result, learnt about the stresses and worries we shouldn’t hold onto.

His time in the NHS has seen Owen use a multitude of techniques in helping people with mental health. He has taken the best of these techniques and used them to create Ten to Zen.

After a bidding war between publishers, Owen will be releasing his debut book Ten to Zen in late December. He believes that in the same way we look after our physical health, we should also focus on our mental health. His philosophy is that we can all spare 10 minutes every day, especially if it leads to a calmer, happier you.

Owen is smart, funny, and has all the practical tips we could ever want. We are very excited to help build Owen’s profile and help spread the Ten to Zen message.