we love to share our expertise

As PR specialists we want to try and share our expertise as much as possible, which is why we offer Crisis Management, Media Training and Creative Sessions which are detailed below.  Plus, we know how annoying it is to like the look of something, but not know how much it's going to cost - so you'll even find our prices below too.


Crisis Management

When a crisis arises, you need someone to take control in a clear and clam manner. In fact we like to think of it as an ‘issue’ rather than a crisis with everyone panicking.

We handle all sorts of 'issues', and pride ourselves on doing so quickly and calmly so the client is reassured and the best possible outcome is obtained. 

Prices for Crisis Management are quoted at time of crisis.



creative sessions

We are approached every day by individuals or businesses who want to boost their profile but who aren’t ready for a full PR campaign, so we created Carver PR Creative Sessions.

Designed for individuals and businesses who have achieved a great deal on their own, but have got to a point where they need some PR guidance and some fresh ideas, these 3 hour long session will give you the step up you need. We'll create new approaches, generate new ideas and most importantly, we'll give you the PR skills and the tools you need to get to the next level all by yourself.

Our bespoke sessions have a really positive impact that provide original, exciting and eye-catching ways of driving awareness for you or your brand. We've helped people gain social media followers, we've helped products define themselves in a packed market place and we've helped individuals stand out and take the next step onto management and full PR campaigns.

Creative Sessions are held at our offices, but we are happy to travel to you too. Prices start from £3,000* for 3 hours.

Unlike other creative sessions, we believe you should get what you pay for, so you'll leave owning all the ideas too.

For more details contact us below.


media training

Sitting down in front of a camera or behind a microphone can be daunting, even to the most hardened media performer. The good news is that it becomes easier over time, especially if you’ve mastered the basics and go in with a clear understanding of the story you want to tell. 

Having worked with some of the biggest broadcasters in the UK, the team at Carver PR is vastly experienced in media training individuals, duos and large groups in what to expect from an interview, how to prepare for it and how to ensure you maximise its impact. Our sessions will guide you through the fundamentals of media interviews, from what to do in the green room, body language and posture, through to dealing with tougher questioning, bridging techniques and more. 

Our sessions will leave you feeling confident and prepared to get out and tell your story whether it be on TV, radio, online or in print. 

Our media training sessions are hosted at our offices in Henry Wood House, but we are happy to travel to you too. Prices start from £2,000* for 2 hours. 

So whether you’re a media master, just starting out or looking for a refresh, drop us a line

* prices exclude VAT