“i can teach you who you can and can’t trust”. 

With 4 million views to her TED Talks and an InStyle 2018 Women of the Year Award,  Oxford Lecturer and author Rachel Botsman is a world renowned expert on how humans decide who and what to trust. 

Humans are prepared to get into cars with strangers, rent their homes to people they’ve never met and even swipe right on a photo for a date. With technology part of our everyday lives, how do we know, who and what we can trust?  

Rachel could spot trust signals from a very young age. Adamant that her nanny was suspicious aged five, Rachel was ignored by parents and adults alike. It turns out, they should have listened to her; Rachel’s brilliant storytelling unravels a tale of dead bodies, drugs and theft to reveal a master criminal at work. 

Ever since, Rachel has been fascinated by how humans trust each other, signs we need to look out for and how to build trust with someone in just a few minutes. 

With ground-breaking books, ‘What’s Mine is Yours’ and Who Can You Trust’, she was named Financial Times ‘Book of the Month’ and listed in Wired ‘Top 5 Books of the Year’.  

A trust expert who predicted the rise of the sharing economy, her concept was recognised by TIME as one of the ‘Ten Ideas That Will Change the World’. 

Celebrated as one of the ‘Most Creative People in Business’ and a ‘Young Global Leader’ by the World Economic Forum, Rachel Botsman has also been named one of the 50 most influential management thinkers in the world.

To say Rachel’s career so far has been impressive would be an understatement! We cannot wait to see what else she discovers and help her share that with the world.

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— Rachel Botsman