strategy, experience, results

With a combined background of public relations, programme making, radio, music, record labels, festivals, publishing, beauty, fashion, luxury, lifestyle and sports, we have experience across entertainment and all media.

Working with people and organisations that we genuinely feel passionate about and never taking on more than we can chew, means our clients are never in competition with each other and you get the service you deserve. We pride ourselves on being an essential part of your team, managing whole projects or consulting on projects which your internal teams deliver.  


we create superstars

Very few agencies can claim one incredible result; right now, we can claim three client’s who’s PR strategies have elevated them and their brand into the mainstream, with record breaking results.

All of us at Carver PR pride ourselves on knowing audiences and consumers, where to reach them and how to impact them, with creative campaigns across all media platforms. We’re all about delivering results for our clients, which build and maintain their household name.

So if you are the leading talent in your field or have the potential to be, please get in touch, we’d love to make you a superstar too.

one off projects & consultation

Sometimes you don’t need a long term PR strategy. That’s not a problem for us as we work with established clients and brands on bespoke projects for a set period of time. From book releases to programme launches, if you want bold, eye-catching campaigns with incredible results, then look no further.

We also consult for a wide range of companies and individuals who need PR advice and guidance, rather than a full campaign. If this sounds like something you need, then get in touch.

media training

Sitting down in front of a camera or behind a microphone can be daunting, even to the most hardened media performer. The good news is that it becomes easier with training, especially if you’ve mastered the basics and go in with a clear understanding of the story you want to tell.

Our sessions will guide you through the fundamentals of media interviews - from what to do in the green room, body language and posture - through to dealing with tougher questioning, bridging techniques and more. So whether you’re a media master, just starting out or looking for a refresh, we are here for you.


We have years of experience working on live events - from the biggest music festivals in the world to smaller charity events. We are brought on by clients who are seeking to raise their event’s profile, manage red carpets and media rooms, or brands looking to connect with their customers via event sponsorship.

We work collaboratively with clients to ensure their event strategy and plans are robust, whilst coming up with stand out creative ideas to make sure we maximise PR opportunities. We secure attendance of VIPs, invite high profile journalists, host VIPs and media areas, run the red carpet and secure pre and post event PR.

reputation & crisis management

You cannot put a price on reputation and when a crisis arises, you need someone to take control in a clear and calm manner. In fact we like to think of it as an ‘issue’ rather than a crisis. We have handled a variety of issues for people from all walks of life and we pride ourselves on doing so quickly and calmly, so the client is reassured and the best possible outcome is obtained.

consultation & creative sessions

We are approached every day by individuals who want to boost their profile but who aren’t ready for a full PR campaign, so we created Carver PR Creative Sessions.

Designed for individuals who have achieved a great deal on their own, but have got to a point where they need some expert guidance, our three hour long session will help you define yourself in a packed market place, generate executable creative PR ideas and give you the knowledge and resources you need to get yourself to the next level. Having worked with some of the biggest broadcasters in the UK, our sessions will leave you feeling confident and prepared to get out and tell your story, whether it be on TV, radio, online or in print.