We have taken the sector mainstream. Working with creators and production companies, our PR campaigns get podcasts to Number 1.

The Louis Theroux Podcast
Where There's A Will There's a Wake
The Sports Agents
Wrighty's House
My Dad Wrote a Porno
The Girlfriends
FFS! My Dad is Martin Kemp
Pod Save the UK
The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson
Football Ramble
Stirring It Up
How To Fail with Elizabeth Day
Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan
Kermode & Mayo's Take
Harry and Paul Are... Devious
Political Currency
Ghost in the Machine
Who We Are Now with Richard and Izzy Hammond
The Apple & The Tree
Floodlight with Princess Eugenie and Julia de Boinville
Filthy Ritual
Heirs of Enslavement
How Was It For You? With Rachel Parris & Marcus Brigstocke
The Wittering Whitehalls
Tony Robinson's Cunningcast
Tom Dean Medal Machine
The Mid·Point with Gabby Logan
This is History: A Dynasty To Die For
White Wine Question Time with Kate Thornton
Where's Home Really with Jimi Famurewa
Life After Prison
It's Not You It's Them But It Might Be You with Lalalaletmeexplain
First Dates: The Podcast
The missing
It Can't Just Be Me with Anna Richardson
Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind
Shaun Keaveny's Daily Grind
The World's Hardest Puzzle
28 Dates Later
Cover Up: Ministry of Secrets
We Can Be Weirdos
The Fault Line
David Tennant does a podcast with...
Shrink the Box
Alien Kidnap Club
Joanna & The Maestro
Something Rhymes with Purple
How Did We Get Here?
Dead River
All Round Mine
Legal and General: Rewirement
Barclaycard Business: Figureheads
WWF: Call Of The Wild
Sky Bingo: Rylan’s Ry-Union
The ii Family Money Show
Acting for Others Presents
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